A bold cross country campaign to connect Canadians through a unique social media platform.
Reddit is an American social media platform that allows its members to build a network of communities based on interests. Despite being around for 15 years, Canadian’s are largely unaware of Reddit. With this massive audience gap Reddit wanted to explore ways to reach people in major Canadian markets.  
Despite Reddit's low user rate amongst Canadians, there are several lively regional subreddits. While investigating these communities a vast amount of quirky and niche forums were found. There was ample opportunity to pull user generated content that are specific for residents across Canada.
Taking a simple and bold approach to colour and layout, the campaign calls the viewer to “Find your people”. Reddit’s loud brand red frames user generated photography personalized for each campaign location. The photography is aimed to stay in the cultural moment pulling inspiration from timely news events and viral moments.
Skills: Advertising, Production Design, Print, HTML5, Motion Graphics
Agency: JAW Advertising
Creative Direction: David Jones

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